Manchester & District Cat Club- 
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Manchester & District Cat Club


History of our Club

Our club was formed in 1973 at the time Manchester Council were running a 3 day show

known as the Manchester Flower Show it was held at Platt Fields,

The organisers thought it would be a good idea to have a

Cat Show on the last day of the show.

They approached cllr Bennett to run it which she did sucessfullyfor many years,

To enable all this to happen there had to be a club hence the Manchester and District Cat Club was born but in name only.

At this time there was no committee but one was formed the committee being cllr Bennett and

her husband, Val & Jim Levins, Kath & Bill Howard, Brenda & George Jefferies, The first meeting was held at the home of Jim & Val at Fox Hill High Crompton Shaw,All the founder members were from the Shaw area.

As cllr Bennett became more involved in politics Val took over running the show and Jim became chairman, Val dealt with Manchester Council, And as each year went on more and more people exhibited at the shows more and more people wanted to help and learn more about running a club so the club brought people together who really had no experience in the cat fancy but were all keen to get the club going so in 1980 we held a meeting at a pub in Woodhouses from then the club has gone from strength to strength to where we are now at Champion ship Status in a lovely venue a far cry from a tent on Platt Fields

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HOMEMEMBERSHIPSHOWmembership formschedule 2015entry form 2015